Two National Forests-114 Miles-1 Grisly Murder


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Murder Mountain Run Motorcycle Ride


The Murder Mountain Run motorcycle ride through the picturesque yet mysterious landscapes of North Carolina. This ride combines the adrenaline rush of motorcycle riding with the intrigue of exploring the infamous Murder of Charlie Silvers took place in 1830.  Riders will navigate winding roads, dense forests, and breathtaking vistas, all while immersing themselves in the captivating history and legends surrounding this enigmatic place. Thus calling the ride “Murder Mountain Run”, as the motorcycle travels by the church were there are three headstones for different body parts found after the incident.

The ride is 114 miles long and meanders from the Spruce Pine and Little Switzerland area, south on the Blue Ridge Parkway to NC 80. After a short ride towards Burnsville on US Hwy 19E, it turns north on NC 80 through Kona, where the infamous murder happened before Christmas in 1831. The legend is told that Frankie Silvers wife to Charlie Silvers, killed her husband with an axe in a fit of jealous rage. Murder Mountain Run motorcycle ride promises to deliver an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, beauty, and a touch of mystery.

Roan Mountain

114 Miles NC / TN

Carvers Gap

2200 Feet Elevation

Legend of Frankie Silvers

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